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News and Notices

In response to the current situation and the actions being taken by event organizers across the province, the Chase & District Festival Society and the Village of Chase have agreed to ncel the 2020 Lakeside Music Series, which includes nada Day, Music on the Lake, and CornStock festivities. These events have become highly anticipated and […]

Beuse his grandmother died of the Spanish flu in 1919, Chase Mayor Rod Crowe takes COVID-19 very seriously. All the right measures have been implemented in this small yet vibrant community surrounding the beautiful Little Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. The majority of the people in the village have been following the rules, and the […]

The Village is offering sand and sandbags to residents of Chase! The level of the Chase Creek may approach, meet, or exceed flood levels this year and some residents have raised concerns about flooding impacts on their property. We have conducted some inspections along the creek and feel there is no areas that present an […]

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, all Village owned recreation facilities are closed until further notice – the Community Hall, Art Holding Memorial Arena, the Chase and District Curling Rink, Creekside Seniors Centre and the Chase and District Museum and Archives. In light of the covid-19 pandemic, the Provincial declaration of a public health emergency, the restriction of gatherings […]

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  • New Wharf in Memorial Park
  • Village of Chase, British Columbia
  • Lazy Summer Days
  • Sockeye Salmon Run
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